Executed Projects - Railways

1. Construction of maintenance workshop for passenger wagons in Riyadh S.R.O
2. Doubling of railway line between Line 6 & 9 between Riyadh & Dammam S.R.O
3. Doubling of 40KM Main line No.1 including installation 10 clearance gauge system S.R.O
4. Renewal of Siding on railway no.2 between Hofuf & Dammam S.R.O
5. Replacement of 70KM of worn out rails on line no.1  S.R.O
6. Renewal of 34KM of the railway line No.2 between Haradh and siding 9 S.R.O
7. Renewal of the railway lines and turnouts at King Abdulaziz Port in Dammam S.R.O
8. Mechanical Maintenance of Railway Line #1 (DammamRRiyadh) S.R.O
9. Renewal and extension of sidings 6&9 for railway line #1 S.R.O
10. Replacement of cracked sleepers and curves adjustment S.R.O
11. Replacement of concrete sleepers between KM87R114 & KM 308R448 on the main line #1 S.R.O
12. Construction and preparation fo stockyard for railway cargo wagons at halfmoon S.R.O
13. Dualization of railway track line at King Abdulaziz seaport S.R.O
14. Renewal of railway lines and turnouts in the classification yard Dammam S.R.O
15. Cleaning of ballast for railway line 1 S.R.O
16. Renewal of lines and turnouts in El Balha cements company 4 km length including 13 turnouts Allbalha Cement Co.
17. Renewal of lines and turnouts in the grain silos corporations of the port of Dammam & Riyadh Grain Silos Corp.
18. Renewal of turnouts of the railway line leading to the port of king AbdulRAziz in Dammam S.R.O
19. Renewal of turnouts in line to King Abdulaziz port S.R.O