Roads & Infrastrucuture Division



The Roads and Infrastructure Division undertakes wide range of infrastructure projects including; highways, airports, bridges, tunnels, dams, water systems, reservoirs, sewage networks and treatment plants. It has also completed major lighting projects and the constructions of several ports.

The division has a very large equipment and resource inventory including heavy plant and equipment, trailers, trucks, quarries, asphalt plants, concrete plants and specialized workshops. The division is classified as Grade (One/First) according to the classification and rating agency of contractors in Saudi Arabia.

Major projects currently include; project planning for industrial cities, towns and residential areas. Also, highways, bridges and tunnels. It has undertaken various ports and rail projects. The division has completed several international projects in Yemen, Sudan, Djibouti and Jordan. It has a large number of highly experienced engineers and consultants, qualified surveyors, project supervisors, technicians and equipment operators.