Buildings Division



The Buildings Division participated in the construction of many high-profile, distinctive and emergency projects in Saudi Arabia complying with the most modern constructions and building systems and modern architecture, including all kinds of projects, government buildings, commercial and residential, including the construction of high-rise towers, airports, hospitals, colleges and universities ,commercial centers, military building constructions, hotels projects in various specializations. It also expanded the buildings division activity outside the Kingdom by contributing to the construction of many vital projects such as airports and hospitals in Asia and Africa.

The projects implemented by the building division over the past years enabled the company to qualify to execute various building projects of all sizes in Saudi Arabia, an extension of the accumulated experience (The division classified in grade (One/First) according to the classification and rating agency of contractors in Saudi Arabia. The buildings division is currently implementing different projects ranging from large and medium in various regions of the Kingdom according to the experience gained during the past years, the company is proud to have executed abroad the construction of more than 500 residential units in Djibouti, 6 story R.C.C. building at National Hospital in Colombo-Sir Lanka Also the buildings division have its own professional and technical cadres with high experience in this field which could be strengthened and maintained over the past years and also interested in the development of its cadres and staff of professionals with the skills and experience deals in this field containing electrical works, mechanical, sites coordination and other private business sector, according to the highest local and international specifications.

The company plans to be one of the largest companies working in the contracting sector in the Arab world within the coming five years.