Shaikh / Saeed M. Almobty
Founder of the Company

Al Mobty Contracting Co. was established more than four decades ago as a sole proprietorship firm and has now been transformed into a closed joint stock company. It has a number of business divisions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and overseas.

Al Mobty is nationally recognized as a leader in the fields of building & Hospitals construction, rail permanent way infrastructure, construction and maintenance; construction of roads, bridges, dams, airports and marine works Al Mobty Group has also constructed special projects and facilities such as cement manufacturing plants and electromechanical workshops. The company has a strong project management capabilities. It has a modern, well-equipped centralized workshop for the maintenance of railway locomotives and heavy equipment.

General Information

Capital: SR 140,000,000

Bank References

SaudiBritish Bank ( SABB )
Arab National Bank
Saudi Hollandi Bank
Al Jazaeera Bank
National Comercial Bank
Bank Al bilad
Gulf Bank
Riyadh Bank
Saudi Investment Bank

Classification grades (M.O.P.W)


Building First
Road & Railways First
Dams First
Water & Sewage Works Third
Mechanical Works Third
Electrical works Fourth
Industrial Works Fourth
Marine works Fourth

Branches in Saudi Arabia

1. Khamis Mushait
2. Jeddah
3. Dammam
4. Al Baha
5. Najran
6. Jizan
7. Tabuk
8. Al Hafouf