Chairman's Message

chairmanOur company exceeded 40 years, it started with the efforts of the founder of the group our father Sheikh / Saeed Mohammed Al Mobty, and now under continuous growth until it reached the third generation of Al Mobty family.

With the efforts exerted by the loyal dedicated employees, and there diversified expertise, the company gained varied experiences and new capabilities along with different Stakeholders, and thus enabled us to execute many local & international projects with great client satisfaction. It is important to mention that our company was one of the very first few Saudi companies that executed international projects.

I am proud that our company continues to grow at a rapid pace. This can be attributed to the enthusiasm of our youth; the experience and support of the elders; and of course our belief that all of this cannot happen but by the blessing and Will of God.

Engineer / Abdullah bin Saeed Almobty
Chairman of the Board