Capabilities & Morals

Technical & Administrative Capabilities



Al Mobty owns more than 2800 pieces of equipment, machinery, and production plants. Also employs skilled workforce that exceeds 6200. Of those, 450 are engineers, operators, technicians, etc. The nationalities employed by Al Mobty include; Saudi, Arab, Asian, European and Africans. The company retains in-house all its technical, administrative and financial capabilities. Moreover it has a well-regarded reputation for the quality of its projects. This has enabled the company to execute a large and diverse range of projects. The company owns a large variety of modern construction equipment and plants necessary making it self sufficient achieving construction projects.

Al Mobty offers valued, efficient and high quality construction services in in Saudi Arabia, GCC countries, the Middle East and Africa.

Morals Point of View



The company values its reputation for business ethics. This is well regarded by its clients. The company key ethics are:

First: Responsibility That is originally resulting from the fact that it is a company which respects and adheres to its agreements and contractual obligations.
Second: Confidence A self confident company who is well confident and strongly capable to work under all conditions.
Third: Quality The company adheres to the highest quality standards in all its projects executed under its supervision, its modern capabilities and specialized cadres in project management helped much in this along with its remarkable care for good quality, The company cares for providing the highest quality for execution standards.
Fourth: The Time During the operation period of the company which is exceeding 40 years, The company has executed a large number of vital big projects which were all completed before the specified completion date as the time factor is very important and essential to the company management.
Fifth: Growth Almobty Co. awarded the 9th position of the Saudi 100 fast Growth Companeis List Announced by the Saudi Arabian General investment Authority (SAGIA).